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ISC 2024 Keynote Speaker: Sabrina Alam

At the very heart of the cosmos, where the rhythm of innovations and discoveries beat with exhilarating intensity, the International Space Convention 2024 beckons. We are on the cusp of an exciting era of space exploration and business, and it is here that the fusion of expertise, passion, and innovation takes place.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pride that we introduce to you our stellar keynote speaker for the Convention – Ms. Sabrina Alam. An epitome of leadership and knowledge, Sabrina stands as a beacon in the vastness of space business and sustainability. Having marked her expertise as the Director of Sustainability Advisory Services Practice Leader at BDO Luxembourg, her journey also finds its stellar path with SES Satellites, proving her mettle time and again.

As the symphony of space continues to evolve, the crucial note of sustainability remains ever-present. The cosmos demands not just exploration, but responsibility. Here at ISC 2024, the narrative of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) finds its crescendo. Sabrina, with her extensive background, promises to weave a story where space and ESG principles harmoniously co-exist, creating a universe where ambitions and responsibilities resonate together.

This Convention isn't just an event; it's a cosmic dance of knowledge. With subjects ranging from the resurgence of the "Space Race 2.0" to the innovations in "Next Generation Launch Vehicles", every topic echoes the future of the space sector.

For those who wish to be part of this grand celestial ballet, the ticket options are as follows:

  • ISC 2024 Business Premium: A 5-day galactic voyage into 45 lectures, exclusive access features, and cosmic memories for £499.99.

  • ISC 2024 Space Professional: Embark on a 5-day stellar journey into the heart of space discussions for £299.99.

  • ISC 2024 Standard Ticket: An exclusive pass into the cosmos of knowledge for 5 days at £79.99.

  • ISC 2024 Student Ticket: The universe is yours to explore, young scholars, for 5 days at £29.99.

  • ISC 2024 Senior Ticket: Traverse the expanse of space discussions and keynotes for 5 days at £19.99.

As we look to the stars, the ISC 2024 Convention stands as a beacon for all those with a passion for space. Sabrina Alam's keynote is but a glimpse into the vastness of what awaits.

The symphony of space awaits your presence. Let's come together to craft the future of the cosmos.

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