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ISC 2024 Speaker Spotlight: Braeden Borg

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow colleagues in the realm of space exploration, it is with immense pleasure that declare that Braeden Borg as a featured luminary at the forthcoming International Space Convention 2024.

As Fleet Space's astute Mechatronics Engineer, Borg embodies the essence of innovation, seamlessly melding software finesse with hardware acumen. His portfolio shines with the brilliance of the Accelerated Discovery Initiative (ADI) project's in-house sensor, a masterpiece conceived from the ground up. Amidst his endeavors, his affinity for vintage jazz and swing harmonizes with his ceaseless dedication, creating a symphony of excellence.

The International Space Convention 2024, a marquee event synonymous with progress, assembles the luminaries of our domain for a voyage into the cosmos of knowledge. At the helm of our discussions, Braeden Borg will illuminate the intricate landscape of IoT technology and sensors in our panel discourse, "Enabling Commercial Opportunities in Lunar Exploration". With Borg's profound insights, we are poised to embark on a journey that delves into the nexus of lunar ventures and commercial viability. Prepare to be immersed in a constellation of expertise at ISC 2024:

  • 45 Stellar Sessions: Engage with 165 visionary minds through keynote addresses and panels.

  • Catalytic Conversations: Explore thematic domains such as "Space Race 2.0" and pioneering satellite technologies.

  • Braeden Borg's Odyssey: Witness the melding of technological prowess and lunar aspirations in his discourse.

ISC 2024 Awaits Your Presence: Ticket Categories

  • ISC 2024 Business Premium (£499.99): Elevate your experience with a comprehensive pass to all lectures, exclusive networking engagements, Q&A dialogues, speaker materials, and more.

  • ISC 2024 Space Professional (£299.99): Tailored for the seasoned space aficionado, offering access to the crux of space innovation.

  • ISC 2024 Standard Ticket (£79.99): Unlock a universe of knowledge with access to key lectures, networking hubs, and in-depth Q&A sessions.

  • ISC 2024 Student Ticket (£29.99): Nurturing the next generation of space leaders with access to lectures and interactive sessions.

  • ISC 2024 Senior Ticket (£19.99): An exclusive opportunity for our revered senior attendees, granting access to a tapestry of space wisdom.

Seize the Moment: Enroll now to secure your presence and immerse yourself in the symposium of Braeden Borg and his peers at ISC 2024. The cosmos beckons, and the stars await your arrival!

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