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ISC 2024 Speaker Spotlight: Mark Carmichael

In moments of great challenge and change, it is crucial that we come together as one community. And in this spirit, the International Space Convention 2024 is thrilled to present a thought leader who stands for true progress and innovation: Mark Carmichael. With over 20 years at the vanguard of the remote sensing industry, Mark represents the audacity of hope in the face of cosmic frontiers.

Now, more than ever, it's paramount for us to gather as one. At ISC 2024, we're not just bringing together 165 of the brightest minds in the space industry; we're forging a community. A community that's committed to exploring topics ranging from the resurgence of the 'Space Race 2.0' to the pioneering innovations in next-generation launch vehicles. It's not about the destination, but the journey and the stories we share along the way.

When Mark dives into "Leveraging Earth Observation Data for Planetary Applications," he's not merely discussing data. He’s inviting us to embrace a vision. A vision where Earth Observation becomes a tool of empowerment, change, and shared progress. Just as we, as a nation, strive to bridge our divides, Mark's expertise aims to bridge the vastness of space with the intricacies of our planet.

Here’s the opportunity to be a part of this collective journey:

  • ISC 2024 Business Premium at £499.99: It's more than a ticket; it's a commitment to growth, exploration, and community, with full access and a trove of exclusive resources.

  • ISC 2024 Space Professional at £299.99: Tailored for those ready to lead and inspire, with the essentials to guide you on this quest.

  • ISC 2024 Standard Ticket at £79.99: Be part of the narrative, and let's write the next chapter together.

  • ISC 2024 Student Ticket at £29.99 and ISC 2024 Senior Ticket at £19.99: Because every voice, young or seasoned, contributes to the chorus of progress and discovery.

Change doesn’t come from waiting. It comes from acting, from believing in a brighter tomorrow, and from joining hands in shared pursuits. So, act today.

Register now for ISC 2024. Because, together, we can reach for the stars, transcend boundaries, and usher in a new era of space exploration. Let's make history.

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