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VAYA Space CEO to Speak at ISC 2024

We are honored to announce Mr. Kevin Lowdermilk as one of the key panelists for the International Space Convention 2024. With an illustrious career spanning three decades, Mr. Lowdermilk's vast executive leadership experience, particularly in the aerospace and defense sector, makes him a fitting voice on our esteemed panel. His journey, from his tenure as the CFO of CFO Strategic Partners to holding leadership positions in ISO Group, Inc., Exostar, and even a significant division of the renowned Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC in North America, showcases his deep understanding of the nuances and dynamics of the aerospace industry.

ISC 2024 is a pivotal event, bringing together 165 of the industry's top minds, to deliberate, discuss, and share insights on the latest advancements and challenges in the space sector. The theme for this year's convention encapsulates the urgent need for innovation, collaboration, and forward-thinking in an industry that is pushing the boundaries of human achievement.

Mr. Lowdermilk's panel discussion, "Revolutionizing Space Access: Next-Generation Launch Vehicles," promises to be a thought-provoking session. The future of space exploration and business hinges on our ability to develop efficient, reliable, and affordable launch vehicles. With Kevin's background in leadership roles at companies that have played crucial roles in the aerospace supply chain, SaaS solutions for the industry, and strategic financial planning for aerospace entities, his insights will undoubtedly bring a unique perspective to this topic. His expertise ties in seamlessly with the need to understand not only the technological aspects of next-gen launch vehicles but also the financial, supply chain, and strategic planning that goes behind them.

Our line-up of discussions at ISC 2024 includes a wide array of topics from "Space Race 2.0" and "Preparing for Humans to Space Environments" to "Stimulating Space Startup Ecosystem." The event is meticulously curated to ensure that attendees gain comprehensive insights into the current trajectory of the space industry and what the future holds.

For those in the space business community, this is not just an event; it's an opportunity. An opportunity to network, learn, share, and shape the future of an industry that holds the dreams and aspirations of humanity. We invite professionals, students, seniors, and all space enthusiasts to be part of this monumental event.

Do not miss this riveting discussion led by Mr. Kevin Lowdermilk and 45 other vital conversations that will shape the trajectory of space business in the coming years. Secure your spot today and ensure you are at the forefront of these pivotal dialogues.

Act now and register for the International Space Convention 2024. Dive deep into space's future, and ensure your place amongst the stars, both metaphorically and, perhaps one day, literally.

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